The Story

rima zahran


Un-Lock-It is a special piece I designed and got made when I was a lost and confused 15-year-old girl desperate to be cool and fit in. Growing up in Spain I spent my childhood watching American shows translated to Spanish. All the “cool” girls wore a heart charm bracelet and I always wanted one so I can be cool too. Moving countries was terrifying but it came with excitement. I imagined how I would now fit in as an Arab girl and how I would be “cool”

After moving to Dubai I discovered this magical place called the gold souk, I searched high and low for a heart charm to match my new “cool” persona but nothing was exactly what I wanted. So at 15 years old I decided to design one on the back of my homework book. I saved up all my weekly allowances and when I finally had enough, I got it made. I’ve had it on ever since. 

24 years later, I still get asked where it’s from and I always tell people the story. The story that has a little bit of fascination with being “cool”, a little bit of ambition, a bit of curiosity, a bit of patience, a bit of innocence, a lot of love, a lot of passion, and a lot of hopes and dreams.

I wanted to recreate this special piece for girls and women to have and wear and pass on to their daughters and nieces. I hope men gift the women they most love this special piece, understanding what it represents. I dream that women who wear it, feel beautiful, loved, and “cool”. Not because it’s a piece of jewelry but because of everything it represents to us, as women.